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The world focusing on Chinese plan against the world economy decline

Issued at:2017-03-27      Views:972   

2016 is the "Black Swan" flying year, the British "off the European" referendum, Trump was elected president of the United States, the Italian constitutional amendment failed ... ... these events are also behind the global political and economic system is likely to bid farewell to the past Decades of big pattern. Trade protectionism rise, economic globalization challenges, the entire global political and economic layout of the reconstruction is also poised.

  However, in the face of the dilemma of the global financial market downturn, China has conveyed a different voice to the world. Held in September 2016 G20 Hangzhou summit, "China program" to share with the world China's reform wisdom and development experience. "Along the way", Silk Road Fund, ADB, RECP and other innovative development ideas and initiatives are gradually by the idea into reality.

  Ministry of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute of the original president of Huo Jianguo to accept the "Daily Economic News (blog, microblogging)," an interview that the past 2016, the international financial markets failed to get rid of the 2008 global financial crisis aftermath , "Black Swan" incident frequently increased the uncertainty of global economic development.

  "It is gratifying thatChina has added a touch of color to the world economy in the context of theglobal economic downturn. China has activated the development of the domesticeconomy and achieved good results since the reform and opening up. In the caseof the rise, China is trying to build a mutually beneficial and win-win,mutually inclusive multilateral trading system. "Huo Jianguo said. TheTrend of Globalization will shock the World Economy.-澳门新葡京553311