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Issued at:2017-06-30         Views:318 The international status of ascension is the trend of The Times, is to promote Chinas economic influence decisions. The worlds major central Banks the renminbi into the reserve currency

Tianjin factory increasing its productivity to promote business trade

Issued at:2017-04-26         Views:935 As the ADTO ringlock scaffold opening of the domestic and international market and gradually expand, disc order and arrive to ensue. Under the leadership of the group, assistant President of

One belt one road brings a strategic investment of 1.21 billion in total

Issued at:2017-04-05         Views:822-新葡京1495 March 28, the Ministry of Finance website announced the central budget in 2017, which announced the second time the central capital expenditure budget table, and the first refinement to the project. According to the central capital expenditure budget …

Can RMB sustain its currency position in the whole system

Issued at:2017-03-29         Views:806 Analysts believe that the recent Renminbi against the dollar there is a certain depreciation, reflecting the current in the United States in the economic growth cycle and the status of the

The world focusing on Chinese plan against the world economy decline

Issued at:2017-03-27         Views:972 2016 is the "Black Swan" flying year, the British "off the European" referendum, Trump was elected president of the United States, the Italian constitutional amendment failed ... ... these events are also behind the global politica…

Steel market is being "double horsepower" pull

Issued at:2017-03-22         Views:810 Environmental pressure coupled with strong demand for infrastructure, steel market is being "double horsepower" pull. February 20, Shanghai rebar futures prices rose 2.75 percent to 3546

Cooperation between corporation and university builds better platform

Issued at:2016-06-17         Views:783 Chairman YouYan Ming, President TaoYang wave and school leadership the foreign trade talents cultivation, collaborative innovation of intensive talks. President TaoYang said, at present, the chairman of the board of directors in advance the strategic …

The new technology will permeate all aspects of the construction industry

Issued at:2016-04-08         Views:927 Information is one of the main features of the modern building industry, BIM applications as an important part of the construction of information technology, will greatly promote change the mode of production of the construction sector.

Adto aluminum formwork factory was named the 2015 annual "civilized integrity of private enterprises

Issued at:2016-03-11         Views:811-新葡京 The poll was jointly held by the Trade and Industry Bureau of Hubei Province, the Provincial Civilization Office

International Business Daily: How do the foreign trade companies deal with the new normal challenges

Issued at:2015-08-06         Views:927 There are two major points for the future export company to make transformation and upgrade: the one is to transform from the foreign trade manufacture to supplier and from the commodity trader to manufacturing organizer to integrate the export produc…-线上新葡京赌城网站

Completion of ADTO Aluminum Formwork Engineering Project in Wanda Mei Xihu Jun Project

Issued at:2015-08-05         Views:1164 In August of 2014, ADTO Group has commenced its aluminum formwork engineering contracts with the Hunan Dong Fanghong Construction Group in Wanke Mei Xijun real estate project. With more than 10 months of day and night tight workings, No. 12th and 15th…