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The ADTO Exhibition Hall Upgraded!

Issued at:2017-09-19         Views:232 After several months of design and layout,a new Exhibition Hall for engineering materials created by ADTO GROUP made itsdebut in June, 2017. It will also be upgrading and improving gradually in thefollowing days.The new exhibition hall is located on t…

Hubei ADTO Aluminum Formwork Manufacturing Co., Ltd joins Wuhan National Construction Group Co., Ltd

Issued at:2017-07-22         Views:231 On 20th ofJuly,Hubei provincial construction quality safety scene observation meeting wassuccessfully held by Hubei Provincial Construction Office. K3 Mansion projectwhich was built by ADTO and Wuhan national construction group sets up theindustry ben…

ADTO and Hubei Silk Road jointly build a shared e-business platform

Issued at:2017-07-17         Views:274 On July 12, 2017 ADTO building materials group and the silk road in hubei people network technology co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will in meeting their

Building material suppliers in Hunan Come to ADTO Group for exploring internal trading experience

Issued at:2017-06-30         Views:308 On June 6, 2017 in hubei province chamber of commerce building materials league second resources docking meeting in ADTO building materials group, ADTO extension building materials-澳门 新葡京

ADTO aluminum FORMWORK stunning debut on the second Renqiu formwork exhibition

Issued at:2017-05-18         Views:427 The second China Renqiu formwork scaffolding exhibition docking summit on April 22, 23 held in Hebei Renqiu. The summit was approved by the Renqiu municipal government and China

The quality determines future

Issued at:2017-04-28         Views:430 As we all know, quality is the basis of the product, no quality, talk about the brand, development, competition is empty talk. Especially for our manufacturing enterprises, the quality


Issued at:2017-04-25         Views:316 After the OA office system putting-in-service proactively, June 15, ADTO group internal communications software staging officially. This means that the group further information

Notice on the Relevant Issues Concerning the Qualification Management of Construction Enterprises

Issued at:2017-04-20         Views:730 In order to give full play to the decisive role of market allocation of resources, further decentralization and promote the development of the construction industry, the construction

A model of business dept was promoted in Tianjin factory

Issued at:2017-04-19         Views:908 In order to improve the resilience and management efficiency of enterprises, in August, the Group and Tianjin factories carefully studied and planned the reform plan of the organization, and implemented the model of "a number of divisions" w…

Communication meeting was held between dept to plan the network sales business

Issued at:2017-04-18         Views:829 In order to promote the communication and cooperation between the network operation division and other departments of the Group, on the afternoon of March 5, the Group held a

Firefightign rehearsal carried out in Hubei ADTO factory

Issued at:2017-04-17         Views:235 In order to effectively strengthen the companys daily safety work, improve the safety awareness of the full fire, improve the full security and self-help ability, Hubei ADTO aluminum Formwork-

New technology and products rush into the developed countires

Issued at:2017-04-14         Views:476 With the help of Group Chairman YOU Yan-ming and the other leaders of the company, the Groups R & D Center started its high-end new product development starting from August. In

In what situation is the steel structure broken easily

Issued at:2017-04-13         Views:729 Steel structure is also damaged, we have to immediately find the immediate solution to the problem, steel structure network structure of the main factors are damaged: 1, by the load-澳门娱乐场官方网站

How to build a strong team in such a difficult time

Issued at:2017-04-12         Views:584 Strong team of executive power, collaboration, force is crucial to promote team work. Ming-wei wang as the monitor of the whole team, working in how to build a strong team level fluctuation full time.

ADTO the most influential provider of ringlock scaffolding

Issued at:2017-04-11         Views:615 March 17, 2016, by the China Infrastructure and Materials Leasing Contractors Association and the Chinese plug-type claw-type scaffolding quality alliance jointly organized the "China plate scaffolding most influential brand supplier" award …