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ADTO aluminum FORMWORK stunning debut on the second Renqiu formwork

Issued at:2017-05-18      Views:427   

The second China Renqiu formwork scaffolding exhibition docking summit on April 22, 23 held in Hebei Renqiu. The summit was approved by the Renqiu municipal government and China Infrastructure and Materials Leasing Contractors Association, to provide formwork scaffolding production, leasing, construction enterprises to discuss the cooperation of the platform. To expand the influence of the construction area in North China, establish a good brand image, ADTO to bring aluminum molds and disc scaffolding and other star products to actively participate in the second session of China Renqiu formwork scaffolding exhibition docking summit.

The simple atmosphere of the ADTO expansion station attracted from Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Guangdong, Shandong, Beijing, Guizhou, Denmark, Malaysia and other regions of the customer's attention, high popularity. In particular, has become a popular trend of building formworks ADTO aluminum mold performance is very eye-catching. 

Compared with the wood mold, the aluminum mold has the characteristics of high efficiency, economy, environmental protection, safety, aesthetics and good construction effect. It has become a trend and a trend in the use of aluminum mold in high-rise building construction. Yongzhou generals Ling project for the initial use of aluminum mold, see the excellent construction effect, the original plan to use wooden mold building to switch to aluminum mold.

ADTO Building Materials Group, as a member of the formwork scaffolding association, to participate in the summit, not only marks the expansion of the expansion of aluminum in the North China region has taken an important step, but also expressed the ADTO aluminum die products and services Covering the country and the global determination, ADTO will be down to earth, seriously responsible for many customers to provide better products and services.