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The ADTO Exhibition Hall Upgraded!

Issued at:2017-09-19      Views:232   

After several months of design and layout, a new Exhibition Hall for engineering materials created by ADTO GROUP made its debut in June, 2017. It will also be upgrading and improving gradually in the following days.


The new exhibition hall is located on the third floor of the logistics building in ADTO headquarters. It has a total area of about 2,200 square meters. The interior wall, the ground, the ceiling of the exhibition hall and the displayed products are all simple design and fine craft for its characteristics, forming a well-ordered display space with modern industrial atmosphere and full of texture. The display area covers 12 series of major products for scaffolding system, aluminum formwork system, plastic formwork system, steel formwork system, personal protective equipment, aluminum ladder, steel coil, steel pipe, pipe accessories, steel structure, aluminum alloy window and door, and GI steel profiles, etc. In addition, the exhibition hall are allocated to negotiation area, VIP reception area, product photography room, washing room and other service areas. And also we appointed a full-time staff in the exhibition hall for daily reception and cleaning works.

In August, ADTO GROUP Brand ManagementCenter workers uniformly upgraded the visual image of exhibition hall.Theycompleted and improved the indicators and signs of major sections, including theadvertising wall.-澳门新葡京98am

The exhibition hall is an importantimage-displaying and communication window to the outside for the company. Itefficiently displayed the image of ADTO group as a one-stop comprehensiveproject materials supplier in China,and also expressed its spirit of pursuingprofessional and quality products during the continuous development andexploration in recent years.-澳门新葡京娱乐场新葡京公司

We Sincerely welcome all the regular and new clients,at home and abroad, to visit the exhibition hall and give us your precious suggestions.Thanks!