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Tianjin factory increasing its productivity to promote business trade-27111.com新葡京

Issued at:2017-04-26      Views:935   

As the ADTO ringlock scaffold opening of the domestic and international market and gradually expand, disc order and arrive to ensue. Under the leadership of the group, assistant President of swim a, group technology research and development center director CenJingHe tianjin factory, with the help of leadership disc workshop production capacity to spread. Good news on June 29, the tianjin factory, disc workshop now  to stable up to 70 ~ 90 tons/day.

To meet the requirements of the disc scaffolding production capacity, the tianjin factory under the new add two rail material welding automation equipment, automation equipment, 2 sets in cutting 1 poling punching automation equipment, and according to the 100 tons/day production capacity is equipped with 3 sets of corresponding mold, fixture and tooling. 

In the introduction ofequipment and improve production capacity, process, factory spirit of"grasp, grasp and real" working train of thought, step by step,overall planning, vigorously promotes the implementation, to steadily improvedisk capacity. Imported automation equipment not only improves the discproduction, and ensure the stability of welding quality, provides the guaranteefor subsequent to undertake more orders and foundation. -新葡京娱乐场
Disc condensed the group and the factory workshop excellent performance led high talk, condensed the employees all the tianjin factory hard struggle hard sweat.

Hu Qinglin tianjin factory general manager said: "at this time to share the joy, the tianjin factory to the factory has been concerned about and support the development of group leadership, assistant President of universal, group technology research and development center director CenJing. 

Thank to the success of the disc workshop staff congratulations.", ADTO people will always adhering to the "to provide customers with safe, the most competitive engineering supplies products and services" of the enterprise purpose, highlight ADTO extension "scaffold leading brand in China" absolute power in the field of engineering materials, with safe, efficient, harmonious, grateful for building in the world.