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Mr. Tao Yangbo, the president of ADTO GROUP, graduated from Hunan University, earned postgraduate and Master of Business Administration degree. Mr. Tao is the standing committee member of tenth Youth Federation of Hunan Province, the instructor of Master Graduate and Professor in Hunan University, the member of Chinese Calligraphers Association and Hunan Calligraphers Association, the standing director of Chinese -新葡京2711手机版Calligraphy and Painting Association.


From the age of 25, he had worked as a senior leader of large state-owned enterprises and large listed companies, once served as the director, vice president, president, chairman in China's top 500 companies New Hualian Group, China's service industry 500 companies People's Pharmacy Group, large listed companies Hunan Ansu Stocks Group and other large diversified enterprise groups for 15 years.


He also won "National Outstanding Professional Managers", "2012 the First Ten Outstanding Professional Managers of Hunan Province ","Provincial Excellent Enterprise Managers," "Top Ten Hunan Secretaries" "China's 100 Young Calligraphers," awarded by the relevant state ministries and provincial government departments. He also got the highest honor of youth "Hunan -澳门新葡京a28111.comYouth May 4th Medal-澳门新葡京注册收20". He has published nearly 1000 papers, calligraphies and other works in the provincial and municipal management journals, the award-winning is more than 40 times, such as the publication of " Doing the Best in the Middle " and many other management works.